Halloween 2015

2 Nov

Halloween2015-1Trick-or-treating was tricky this year, because it rained all night. Thankfully, we knew that it was coming and went out a bit earlier than usual. We missed the worst of it, but still got a little wet.

Shawn was fierce and strong as Wolverine. He loved the muscles and the claws and enjoyed showing them off. 

Victoria decided to be Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web this year and it was such a fun costume to make! It was even more fun to watch her “oink” around in it! We found a little spider to clip on her so that she would also have a Charlotte.  I love her fun imagination and I think she made an adorable Wilbur!We took our umbrellas and made the best of the rain. Our kids were so great about it and actually trick-or-treated longer than they ever have. We kept asking if they were done and they wanted to keep going.

Once their pumpkin buckets were nearly full, we called it a night and headed home for our yearly interview. This is one of my favorite yearly traditions, I always enjoy looking back at the previous years. Christian hasn’t had a chance to edit it yet, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out this year!IMG_0416.jpg

Happy Halloween.




Disney On Ice

26 Oct

We took the kids to their first Disney on Ice show this past weekend and they loved it!  We missed Daddy (he was working), but it was a fun thing to have Ya Ya do with us.

The theme was Let’s Celebrate. They had an act for Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween and a Birthday party. The Burns Bunch loves holidays, so we were excited about it and it was even more perfect since we went on Victoria’s Birthday! The kids we pretty amazed at watching them skate and we all agreed that the Christmas part was a favorite of the night!  They even had snow falling . It was just so adorable!Ya Ya  treated the kids to yummy snow cones in the most adorable Mickey and Minnie cups! I am sure these cups will be treasured for years to come. It was a fun night and a great addition to Princess Victoria’s birthday weekend celebrations! -Mandy

Frozen Birthday Party

26 Oct

Yesterday, Victoria celebrated her birthday with friends. She chose a Frozen theme, which was so fun to plan! She had a great time helping me pick out things for the party and helping make the party treats. As much as I hate for my babies to grow up, It is fun to be able to have them more involved in doing things!

At the party, I asked the kids “Do you wanna build a snow man?” They said yes, so we built some Olafs out of marshmallows. It was adorable to see each kids version of Olaf. We also played pin the nose on Olaf. This was more fun than I expected. It was funny to watch the kids feel around for the right spot. We finished off the party with snow flake cupcakes. It was a great day celebrating with little friends! I really can’t even believe Victoria is 5, but I am soaking up this fun stage with her.  -Mandy

Victoria turns 5!

24 Oct

Our sweet girl is 5 today. Victoria lives life to the beat of her own drum and the stroke of her own clock. Each day with her is filled with joyful imagination. This girl is kind-hearted, full of spirit and silly as can be! Victoria loves books, all things pretty and sparkly, a good long conversation, dancing (especially for an audience), baby dolls, princesses and dress up. 4 was such a fun age and I am looking forward to all the new adventures 5 will bring for her. I love watching her grow and I am enjoying each sweet year as it flies by!


20 Birthday Questions With Victoria

1. What is your favorite Color?

Pink, purple and gold.

2. What is your favorite Vegetable?

Cooked Carrots

3. What is your favorite Dinner?

That chicken with honey. (Honey crusted pork chops.)

4. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Waffle House

5. What’s your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is flamingos.

6. Who is your best friend?

Leah and Bella!

7. What is your favorite book?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

8. What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Ride scooters and bikes

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a real ballerina!

10. What do you like to sleep with at nighttime?

My stuffed animal pig

11. What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

Dancing with him.

12. What is your favorite thing to do with Mama?

Go to stores with her!

13. What is your favorite thing to do with Shawn?

Play with his stuffed animals with him. We play like they are going to school and we are the teachers.

14. What is your favorite toy?

Boo and my baby that talks, Elizabeth.

15. What makes you happy?

It makes me so excited whenever grandparents come!!

16. What makes you sad?

Whenever I am lonely.

17. What makes you laugh?

Things that are silly. Like when people do fake things and trick me that it is real. That makes me laugh.

18. What is your favorite show?

Minnie Mouse

19. What are you good at?

I’m good at singing.

20. What is your favorite thing in the whole wide world?

To play with everyone!!

Falcons Game

12 Oct

This past weekend we met Pops, Grandma, Brittany and Jordan in Atlanta. The guys went to a Falcons game. Shawn has always liked football, but this year he is old enough to be really into it. He is beginning to learn about the positions of the players and what actually is going on in the game. He was so excited to get to go to a game with Daddy, Pops and Uncle Jordan! Shawn had a great time watching the game amidst the excitement of the crowd and chowing down on some nachos.

While they were at the game, the girls went shopping at IKEA. We had a fun day browsing with Grandma and Aunt Brittany. Aunt Christy and her family happened to also be in Atlanta that day, so we were able to see them for a bit too. Chris and Jeremy got to join the girls day for a while. :)It was a fun treat to get to get to spend the day with family! -Mandy

Itty Bitty Magic City

28 Sep

We had planned to go to the zoo with friends today, but it was raining so we decided to head to the Mcwane Science Center instead.  We recently got a membership and have been loving it. There is a new exhibit there called “Itty Bitty Magic City” that is so adorable. It is a kid sized city. It has a grocery store, diner, house, vet, car mechanic, fire station, a farm and more. It is sooooo cute! 

Today was our third time going and Victoria loves it just as much every time. Shawn loved it too and I am always sad when we go and he is at school. Victoria loves playing pretend and enjoys going to each area- even working on the cars in the mechanic shop. Today, Victoria made me and Cavett lunch in the diner and picked out plenty of groceries at the store.I am so thankful for our new rainy day play spot! I am eating this sweet stage up and enjoying my last year with my baby at home. -Mandy

Library Storytime

25 Sep

Story time at the library started back a couple of weeks ago and Victoria and I have been enjoying going again. We missed an entire year of story time last year because the big kid class conflicted with my pick up schedule for Shawn. I discovered the last week of story times that the library also had a morning story time for big kids. I was so bummed to have missed it all school year. 

So, I was excited to start taking Victoria again this fall. The class is fun. Each week they focus on a letter, starting with A, and the books and songs are centered around that letter. 

At the end of the story time, the kids have share time. Each kid brings something that begins with the letter of the week and shows it to the other kids. Victoria loves this part. For B week she brought 2 baby dolls to share about and had a blast pushing them in the stroller around the library. This story time is a sweet addition to our week as I soak up this last year of having my girl with me all day long.  -Mandy